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Mythic times

Gemma, Dartmoor, June 2022

It feels like there is twice as much life happening in the same amount of time as there was before the pandemic, a by-product of so many things being cancelled and now booked in – with in-person meetings butting up against weddings and family parties, it is like living in a Netflix film at 10x the speed.

I kid myself that this year is anomalous, that at the stroke of midnight on 31st December 2022, everything will go back to the reassuring flow of 1x speed. While that may be true of work gatherings and social engagements, I know it’s not true of our existence. That’s been speeding up for some time: an irreversible acceleration thanks to the rapidity of connections we’re able to make – in human relationships, information and ideas – and the speed at which we are all processing and communicating information. At a deeper level still, the foundations of our existence are changing faster than ever before, particularly along the faultlines of climatic, ecological and technological change…

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