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Wayfinding in times of upheaval: a journey for the 2022 Yale World Fellows

In October 2022 we ran a residential journey for the Yale World Fellows: a cohort of exceptional global leaders from 16 countries, to help them design their own pathways for transformational leadership in times of radical uncertainty.

This journey was created at the invitation of Yale’s International Leadership Center, which exists to develop and support innovative, effective and adaptive leaders to address the most acute and complex challenges facing the world. We ran this journey for the 2022 World Fellows, a group of 16 people from across every continent, whose work spans government, ecology, technology, journalism, international development, and the arts.

Wayfinding in Times of Upheaval was a bespoke and beautiful collaboration with creative innovator Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, weaving together her cutting-edge work on InnSæi with New Constellations’ journey methodology.

“The retreat gave me time and space to identify my key guiding stars and piece them together. The beauty of this process is that I didn’t just create something new to feel good – the constellation was formed with stars that had always been around myself.”

Participant, Wayfinding in Times of Upheaval

We are deeply grateful to Hrund, to Emma, Tim, Holly and Alice at Yale and to the amazing group of 2022 World Fellows who joined us for this journey:

Andrei Kureichik (Belarus), Babatunde Omilola (Nigeria), Belva Devara (Indonesia), Fakhar Durrani (Pakistan), Huong Dang (Vietnam), Jad Maalouf (Lebanon), Kirsten Rulf (Germany), Kyriacos Koupparis (Cyprus), Manasi Subramaniam (India), Martin Inthamoussú (Uruguay), Minami Tsubouchi (Japan), Rufaro Mudimu (South Africa), Sahar Albazar (Egypt), Solangel Fernández (Peru), Vera D. Kwakofi (UK), Zhao Zhong (China).

Listen to the Audio Encounter made with participants of the journey