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We create and hold experiential journeys for individuals and groups, to help people examine and understand the present moment, become more comfortable in uncertainty, open up to new possibilities and discover bold new visions for the future.

Read more about our journey methodology and its stages here on our blog.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, joining this group has been the most valuable development experience I have ever been involved in. It has had an impact on me now, and will continue to well into the future.”

Participant, Bold Dreams for Our Future

Our journeys work on many levels – through a blend of rational and empirical frameworks, reflective and somatic practices, storytelling and sound – to help people examine the reality of the status quo, become more comfortable in uncertainty, explore expansive possibilities for the future, and consider what true transformation will take at the levels of self, group and system.

We work with communities of place, with people working within specific systems, with organisations, funders and companies, and with leaders whose work and thinking is bringing about transformation.

Our methodology is designed to create high levels of trust, security and empathy, enabling people who are different from one another, and may not have had contact, to relate to each other, listen deeply to each others’ perspectives and, through a held creative process, shape something new and powerful together.

We work both on and offline (with a strong preference for gathering in person), and design each journey in an entirely bespoke way depending on the nature, needs and goals of the group. We also host shorter experiences as part of wider events and festivals.

If you are interested in hearing about future journeys, collaborating with us at an event, or to explore working on a new constellation for your company, organisation or community, please get in touch, and subscribe to our newsletter.

“New Constellations isn’t just a project; it’s a diverse, open-hearted community where every voice is valued. The opportunity to share stories, ideas, and dreams with people from all walks of life was a powerful reminder of our common humanity. I felt seen and heard, which was both humbling and empowering.”

Participant, York's Journey

“It was magical, beautifully facilitated and really experiential in a way I hadn’t expected. It worked with people’s hearts almost more than their brains. It felt playful and poetic and was such a beautiful example of what happens when you create a process that speaks to the imagination. It felt like an adventure – change needs to feel like that.”

Rob Hopkins, Transition Network Co-Founder, author