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Barrow’s Journey:
the light is in everyone in this town

On a dark night in December 2020, 15 people from across Barrow joined a voyage to discover Barrow’s new stars – Barrow’s New Constellation. This is their story of the place they love and how the people of Barrow can build a brighter future.

Made by Jo Barratt with Gemma Mortensen, Iris Andrews and Lily Piachaud.

Music is made for Barrow’s New Constellation by Art School Girlfriend and Tom James Scott.

Sound recordings of Barrow are by Tom James Scott, and students of Furness College.

The wonderful crew who journeyed with us are Andrew Naylor, Beth Kirkby, Dean McSkimmings, Gemma McKell, Jay Zaccarini, John Murphy, Karen Mahaffy, Maddi Nicholson, Martin McLeavy, Natalie Chappels, Sam Plum, Sarah Arun, Sarah Jackson, Sharon Mullen and Tom Lowes.