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York’s Journey:
a garden bed

Across four summer days in July 2023, 17 people from all walks of life in York came together to explore the future of the city that they call home. This audio piece tells the story of the journey they went on to discover and create more beautiful futures in York.

Made by Jo Barratt with Gemma Mortensen, Iris Andrews, Lily Piachaud, Yasmin El Dabi and Kate McLaven.

The York crew who journeyed with us, and whose voices you hear in this recording, was Andrew Morrison, Ben Porter, Felicity Palmer, Frankie Sewell, Helen Jones, Laura Cooper, Laurence Beardmore, Layla Grainger, Mike Fletcher, Olivia Carpenter, Pete Kilbane, Sam Leach, Sam Watling, Sarah Huggett, Stephanie Wong, Victoria Hughes and Violet Cannon.

The poem ‘A nurse log’ is by Sarah Huggett.