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Wayfinding 2023

The New Constellations Wayfinding journey is designed for small groups of leaders whose work and thinking is bringing about transformation. Listen to the 2023 Wayfinding journey here.

In September 2023, in follow-up to the first Wayfinding journey we created in partnership with Yale University’s International Leadership Centre, we brought together a global group of transformational leaders at the beautiful 42 Acres in Somerset. 

They gathered in recognition that these times demand new kinds of leadership; we invited participants to examine this historical moment at the levels of self, group and system, and to dream big and act bravely in service of the future we dream of.

“The New Constellations team has created a profoundly special and meaningful process. Their loving clarity, guidance and attention to beautiful details throughout the Journey held a safe space for us all to travel to unknown wisdom and connected inspiration.”

Participant, Wayfinding 2023

The Wayfinding journey helps participants become comfortable in the unknown and creates space for deep inquiry into the set of principles, or stars, that leaders of all different shapes and sizes could navigate by in order to find pathways towards futures of human and planetary flourishing. It was deeply inspiring to witness the possibilities of what might become once the guiding stars of leadership are redefined. 

We offered this journey in the spirit of a gift and a commitment; giving each participant the gift of the journey and, in the spirit of reciprocity, asking them to make a commitment of boldness and courage to do one thing to bring their new constellation to life in their lives and work.

“New Constellations is a beautiful container and the invitation to challenge, inspire, and support groups in navigating the continued complex times that we face and are living in. The experience brings together a diverse group of individuals and creates an invaluable bond, serving as a beacon of light in these dark times.”

Participant, Wayfinding 2023

The wonderful crew who journeyed with us are Alice Jay, Cat Tully, Christine Lai, Jenna Nicholas, Jo Sparber, Kim Willis, Louis Butler, Manish Joshi, Mark Cridge, Mathieu Le Fevre, Mitya Savelau, Tara McGuinness and Tom Adeyoola. We also felt blessed by an abundance of life accompanying us on this journey, from beavers to adders to fluorescent fungi and ancient oak trees. 

Huge thanks to Yasmin El Dabi for co-designing and co-leading this journey, to Hrund Gunnsteindóttir for helping us weave her deep work and practice on innsæi throughout the process, and to Kate McLaven for lending us her talents and beautiful poetry.

Listen to the Audio Encounter made with participants